This month we spoke Dr Elizabeth Justo, UQ Health Care General Practitioner at Aveo Durack.

What inspired you to pursue a career?
I started off in paediatrics, but transitioned to general practice to fit with my growing family’s needs

What have been your highlights whilst working at AVEO Durack?
The relationships I have developed with patients, and their families, with co-workers in every capacity from nursing staff, carers, village staff, and my medical colleagues who continue to amaze and inspire me with their dedication and skill. I have learnt much of life from my relationships at Aveo.

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day is a cup of coffee, a big breath, then running/juggling consulting room and treatment room and emergency walk-ins. I am often apologising for a long waiting time to a smiling patient and an overflowing waiting room. More coffee, biscuits dropped in from wonderful patients, computer paperwork and then house calls around the community for those too frail/unwell to come to the surgery.

What aspects of your role in providing health care for older people do you enjoy the most?
It is a privilege to do this work with the aged, to become involved in their lives, getting to know them as people not just their illnesses, to know their families, their contribution to Australia and their community, and to care for them professionally at this very vulnerable time of life. They are deserving of the very best of care and support. The wisdom, the humour, appreciation and love they give back is what it is all about.

What are your interests outside of work?
I have a very busy and dedicated husband and three gorgeous sons, as well as a very strong extended family. I love reading, walking, and our labrador and look forward to having more time one day to learn bridge and travel.