Established in 2010, UQ Health Care have spent the last decade improving the lives of the communities we serve by delivering quality health care. We take an innovative approach to treatments and disease prevention, bringing together hundreds of health professionals across multiple locations, spanning specialists and doctors, nurses and allied health clinicians, united in their exceptional standard of care.

We continue to achieve on four key strategic priority areas: providing excellent primary care, partnering with others, empowering talented and capable people, and applying new knowledge and practices. Each aligns with broader UQ priorities and responds to current and anticipated public health issues.

From campus and community medical centres to cutting-edge exercise and preventative care facilities, UQ Health Care continually explores new ways to meet modern health demands through collaboration and a commitment to create change.



At UQ Health Care, we’re committed to providing the best in primary health care.


  • As a not-for-profit and an integral part of the UQ family, we are uniquely placed to deliver on UQ’s strategic objectives and its Queensland Commitment.
  • UQ Health Care’s multidisciplinary teams, including over 100 GPs, nurses and allied health professionals, work across seven key locations in south-east Queensland.
  • UQ Health Care provides an environment where best practice primary health care, research and training come together in the one setting – making collaboration and innovation easier and, most importantly, delivering better health outcomes for our patients and communities.
  • As the Australian health landscape continues to change, and the pressures to provide the best possible care continue to grow, there’s never been a more important time to be investing in new and better ways of providing primary healthcare and supporting wellness through prevention and primary care.
  • Our Strategic Plan was developed together with our Board, staff and partners to do just that — and to set our direction.
  • Over the next three years, this plan will not only guide us in how we provide and enhance the best clinical care, but also in how we lead the translation of research and innovation into new models and new ways of working.
  • With our partners, we intend to significantly reshape the future of quality and sustainable primary health care for Queensland and Australia.
200+ healthcare professionals
7 clinics
Operating 10 years
Backed by a university leader