Our Vision and Purpose

Our Vision

Thriving people living healthy lives.

Our Purpose

To care for people and shape the future of primary healthcare.

Our Values

Our Values

We value excellence, creativity, courage, integrity, inclusion, and truth. These values underpin everything we do – from business decisions to colleague interactions; and help us navigate the challenges and opportunities in an evolving healthcare landscape.

Our focus areas

Our focus areas

Our current four focus areas are providing excellent primary care, partnering with others, empowering talented and capable people, and applying new knowledge and practices.

Providing excellent primary care
Quality experiences at each moment of need

  • Focus on whole of life care and wellbeing with consumers
  • Ensuring consumers experience quality & compassionate care
  • High quality teaching and learning
  • Preparing the next generation of practitioners and researchers
  • Embedded focus on consumers and communities
  • Ensuring access and voice for those in need

Partnering with others
Even stronger relationships with other providers, researchers and educators

  • Respected, active partnerships
  • Collaborative mindset and impact
  • Connecting care with all parts of the health system
  • Aligning strategy, focus and desired stretch
  • Robust research, evaluation and learning
  • Expanding our advocacy and reach
  • Shared voice and values

Empowering talented and capable people
Combining the best opportunities and environments to attract, retain and empower Australia’s future primary care workforce

  • Consistent team focus and performance
  • Practical resources and tools
  • Enabling autonomy, accountability and good management
  • Capability, skills and learning
  • Connection and integration
  • Governance and leadership
  • Engaging and motivating our people
  • Recognising and acknowledging culture and diversity

Applying new knowledge and practices
Research, explore, and translate new approaches across all aspects of primary care

  • Fit-for-purpose technology and environment
  • Healthy finances and considered investments
  • Evidenced decision making
  • Co-creating innovation
  • Proactive thought leadership and intentional impact
  • Engaging and supporting people with complex needs