Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

It is UQ Health Care’s vision to be the partner of choice in creating the future of healthcare.

Our Mission

It is our mission to create healthier communities by providing the best care through integrated healthcare, education and innovation.

  • Our patient-centric, multi-disciplinary health care approach focuses on wellness and preventative care through integrated health services. We deliver a superior patient experience through a level of client-focused services targeted to specific health care needs;
  • Our health delivery model is based on mission-driven innovation through active collaboration with GPs, allied health professionals, academics and researchers. We identify innovations in care models to inform future practices and deliver cutting-edge health and wellbeing services;
  • We provide training opportunities for health professionals to deliver ongoing improvements to health care practices based on the latest research pioneered by UQ;
  • As leaders in primary health care, we are committed to developing industry-leading, best practice health care models to ensure the best possible health outcomes for patients. We provide leadership and innovative thinking to advance the quality and effectiveness of primary health care in Australia
Our Values

Our Values

We value excellence, quality, integrity, respect, teamwork, and empathy. These values underpin everything we do – from business decisions to colleague interactions; and help us navigate the challenges and opportunities in an evolving healthcare landscape.

Our Strategic Objectives

Our Strategic Objectives

Our current three strategic priority areas of healthy ageing, integrated care; and campus health, align with our over-arching strategic objectives. UQ Health Care is committed to:

  • Cultivating relationships as a partner of choice
    From patients, students and clinicians, to major institutions and policy makers; we want to partner with individuals and organisations to shape a healthy future.
  • Maintaining a market reputation as leader
    We will continue to invest heavily in research partnerships and academic enterprise with high impact outcomes.
  • Delivering integrated healthcare
    Using an evidence-based approach to inter-professional healthcare we will remain proactive in disease management and prevention.
  • Strengthening our core
    Our success is based on the strong foundations of a high-achieving team. We seek out individuals who will contribute to our mission, model our values, and meet our objectives. We both nurture and learn from our colleagues at every level.