Please continue to wear a mask; get tested if you experience symptoms; and get vaccinated if you qualify.

Everything you can possibly do to avoid the dreaded flu

August 3, 2018
We are already over half way through Winter, however the peak flu season hasn’t hit yet. Data from Flutracking, a survey backed by various Australian and New Zealand government health bodies shows that in Australia on average, between 2012 and 2016, the peak flu season didn’t hit until August. So as more people around you...

Five questions for Dr Brigid Flanders

August 1, 2018
This month we spoke to Dr Brigid Flanders, General Practitioner at the UQ Health Care Cornwall Street Medical Centre. What inspired you to become a GP? During the course of my secondary school education in science, I was introduced to a range of vocational options and I believed that studying and practising medicine suited my...