When you have minimal time and you want the best fitness results, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has proven to be the most beneficial. HIIT involves shorts bursts of high intensity exercise, separated by periods of low intensity exercise or rest.

University of Queensland School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences PhD student and Accredited Exercise Physiologist Emily Cox said the key benefits of HIIT workouts include:

  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Improves your fitness
  • Requires little to no equipment
  • Can be adjusted to suit anyone

Emily suggests a HIIT workout routine that could be done at home between study or at work during a lunch break.


  • Complete 1 minute to 1 minute 30 secondsĀ of each of the following exercises
  • 1 minute rest between each exercise
  • Complete 2-3 rounds.
  1. Push-ups

  2. Squat jumps
  3. Tricep dips
  4. Bicycle crunches
  5. Walking lunges
  6. Mountain climbers