UQ Health Care’s Clinical Director, Dr Rosy has provided five health tips to avoid bad habits, minimise stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle to achieve your best results during exams.

  1. Sleep hygiene
    Less sleep is expected this time of year with increasing demands but try to approach seven hours a night if possible. Some nights may be less which is understandable. Avoid energy drinks, excessive coffee and other stimulants which have a negative effect on your ability to initiate sleep and sleep quality.
  2.  Exercise
    Most students will see this as expendable time, but exercise will provide endorphins and relaxation hormones which are very beneficial for quality of sleep and relaxation which promote cognitive function.
  3. Mindfulness
    Difficult to learn but once the art is mastered, mindfulness promotes cognitive function.
  4. Diet
    Limit high intake of processed foods, excessive caffeine or other stimulant food or drinks. The low Glycaemic Index foods will provide energy for longer and help avoid cravings or binging on sweets.
  5. Good organisation
    Be mindful of bad habits such as procrastination and avoidance. Sometimes planning small increments in your study plans and alternating between subjects/courses is less overwhelming.